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Chiropractor Dr. Darren Porcaro, DC of Power On Chiropractic Center has been working with patients of all ages in the Holmdel, NJ area for many years.

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Power On Chiropractic Center’s focus is Family Health & Wellness which includes family, prenatal & pediatric chiropractic care.

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Treating Patients of All Ages from Moms to Be to Infants, Children, Adults & Seniors

Holmdel Chiropractor Dr. Darren Porcaro, DC is committed to helping his patients live a healthy and active life. At Power On Chiropractic Center in Holmdel, NJ, Dr. Porcaro is incredibly passionate about empowering each patient with the knowledge and resources to take control of their health.

Dr. Darren Porcaro graduated from University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic in 1999 and is Webster certified. It was after the birth of his son where Dr. Porcaro realized where he wanted to focus his skills. He knew he was going to work with kids. Our future lies in the health of our children.

At Power On Chiropractic Center, Dr. Porcaro provides specialized family health and wellness care through chiropractic. Appointments are available most weekdays and on Saturdays. Call us at (732) 946-2999 and our helpful team will schedule your appointment for optimal health!

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Healthy children for a healthy future.

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Dr. Darren Porcaro, DC is considered an expert in the function of the spine and nerve system. His practice members range in age from a few days old to many in their nineties. His mission is for each individual to be free of vertebral subluxation for the greatest expression of their health potential.

Family Chiropractic Care

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Did you know that regular chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can help mom and baby be healthier? Did you know that it can shorten labor times and lessen pain? Research has shown all of this to be true.

Pregnancy / Prenatal Chiropractic

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Most people do not realize that infants and children are just as much in need of chiropractic care as adults. Infants, in particular, are susceptible to a wide range of possible ailments related to slow or traumatic birth and c-sections.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Why Choose Power On Chiropractic Center?

At Power On Chiropractic Center in Holmdel, New Jersey, patients are our top priority!
Chiropractor Dr. Darren Porcaro, DC provides specialized family health and wellness care through chiropractic.
Dr. Porcaro has many years of experience helping patients with a wide range of health challenges.
Care plans at Power On Chiropractic Center are tailored to the individual.
Dr. Porcaro has helped thousands of patients experience improved health since 1999.

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